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Our customers will be able ...

... to drastically reduce leakage rates, minimise water losses, cut energy and operating costs and amortise the initial costs.

Details of the logger

  • Height: 115 mm (122 mm with antenna)
  • Diameter: 69 mm (79 mm with antenna)
  • Weight: 450 g (with antenna)
  • IP 68 classification (even after battery change)

Sound file recordings

  • High resolution of 16-bit audio data
  • Recording sound files with 10 seconds length
  • Multiple sound file uploads per day possible
  • Pre-set measurement profiles

Special features

  • Pre-installed Nano SIM Card (changeable) plus space for eSIM chip considered
  • Theft protection: steel rope and movement sensor
  • A.I.-based remote leak localisation algorithms
  • Battery lifetime for night-time measurement (typical type for leak detection) approx. 9 years
  • Battery lifetime for permanent measurement (for predictive maintenance and digital twinning) approx. 5 years
  • Battery status check via SmartEAR-Go! app or POSEYEDON
  • Battery can be replaced on site with standard retrofit batteries


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Transport box

Transport box with space for
10 SmartEAR loggers and
with extra compartment

Anti-theft protection

Magnetic ring with anti-theft
stainless steel cable

Magnetic ring

Magnetic ring freely adjustable.
The magnetic adapter is already
included with every SmartEAR logger

Magnetic adapter

With every SmartEAR logger
automatically included

Battery change

The SmartEAR logger can be
used with standard batteries

Thread adapter

Coming soon

Rod antenna

With every SmartEAR logger
automatically included

Antenna extension

For deep shafts you can also
use an antenna extension
(300 cm)

Request SmartEAR demo

Request SmartEAR demo

About us

SebaKMT is the pioneer in the development and manufacture of measuring systems for water leak detection and water loss reduction. We have been the partner for water suppliers worldwide for 70 years now.


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